Family Training Services

imageFamily Training Services are composite of counseling and professional guidance given to a family, which in the context of Autism Care, is defined as any person/s who live/s with and/or provides care for a person, child or adult, with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Family may refer to a brother, a parent, foster family, in-laws, or spouse but excludes those who are employed to take care of the person with autism.

Family Training Services can be procured depending on the needs of the family. Family training support specialists can help families in:

  • Specialized, hands-on training and family education on the skills and the intervention they may use in the care of the person with autism in the home and community settings
  • Training the family on helping the child recognize, and respond to risky elements or situations of danger and to arrive at safety decisions when in such circumstances
  • Training to help the child retain communication skills
  • And other necessary home-specific seminars that include the treatment and safety of the child

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