Therapeutic Integration Services (TI)

imageDevelopment is unique for every individual. Although there are scientifically-outlined patterns for growth and maturation, how a person develops physically and mentally is always a matter of both nurture and nature influence. This holds true for many individuals, especially those who have difficulties and issues with what we consider as developmentally-average or appropriate. These include those who are in need of correctional therapy services due to in-born developmental incapacities and impairments.

At Jeducare Services, Inc., our aim is to provide correctional Therapeutic Integration Services (TIS), open to individuals from the pediatric populace. Our intervention program is inclusive of integrative therapy sessions such as Speech, Music, Fine and gross motor skill therapy. We coordinate with each child’s family to come up with an accurate child’s need profile, and using this to establish a tailor-fit program plan aiming to restore, improve, or maintain a specific skill or ability.

The Therapeutic Integration services we provide to the individuals is at our TI center located in Clinton, Maryland. If you would like to know more about our TI center services, please call 301-868-7597.


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