Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS)

imageIntensive Individual Support Services (IISS) is an intervention approach in the supervision, empowerment, and support of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). IISS services are provided on one on one basis by our trained, experienced technicians who are supervised closely by our certified professional. We mostly provide this type of service in the child’s home and/or community.

One-on-one mediation is used to target the objectives of the service. Among others, the purpose of IISS intervention is focused on:

  • Behavior Management
  • Community Integration
  • Social Skills
  • Sensory Integration
  • Activities of Daily Living/Self-Help Skills

The service is both goal and plan-oriented. The intervention plan is developed on an individualized basis, focusing on a single case and determining what needs to be done through reinforcement, structured support, and efficient modeling techniques.

Jeducare Services, Inc. has a professional team of dedicated professionals in the field of child behavior management and modification. Their services are inclusive of:

  • Assisting with Mood and Behavior Control/Discipline Interference
  • Assisting with Improving Self-Help Skills
  • Behavior Management Exercise and Practice with Constant Reinforcement
  • Improving the Child’s Self-Expression Skills
  • Exercise Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Helping to Enhance Cognitive Skills
  • Helping to Enhance Organizational Skills
  • Promoting social skills
  • Providing an environment that fosters an atmosphere of safety and Security

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