Shaping Quality Lives for Individuals with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD refers to a spectrum of conditions that are often characterized by issues with speech and non-verbal communication, social skills, and repetitive behaviors. ASD is often diagnosed in childhood but can also be diagnosed among adults. 

Individuals diagnosed with ASD have different needs and thus deserve to have customized services to ensure that the support they are receiving is suitable for them. As a licensed provider of in-home and community-based service programs, under the Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver, we implement comprehensive behavioral health programs that are community and strength based. With this, they will have the assistance that they need, and at the same time, have the support to learn various skills that allow them to be independent and explore their interests.

Autism Services:

Respite Care

Our respite care providers are well-trained in providing customized services for each client. They can provide the following services:

  • Providing assistance with daily living activities
  • Supporting clients as they engage in activities that interest them
  • Addressing crisis that may happen to children with autism
  • Providing overnight care and assistance
Family Consultant Services (FC)

Family Consultant Services are important to support families in having access to resources that allow their children to adapt to their communities and day-to-day situations. To make this possible, we have a team of consultants that is composed of therapists, counselors, behavioral analysts, special school educators, and social workers. They work together with families and provide the following:

  • Support families in guiding their children to understand dangerous situations and how to safely respond to them.
  • Offer hands-on training to family members that allow them to know the interventions they may provide the children at home and in their communities.
  • Refer families to organizations, government programs, and other resources, as well as serve as their advocate in dealing with issues that can affect the families’ social capability to meet their child’s needs
Intensive Individual Supportive Services (IISS)

Our IISS technicians can provide our clients with the following services:

  • Supporting clients as they get involved in community-integration activities
  • Guiding clients in improving their ability to express themselves and engage in interpersonal communication which promotes their social skills and sense of safety and security
  • Helping clients learn healthy behavioral management that improves their social skills and promotes stabilization
Therapeutic Integration Services (TI)

The Therapeutic Integration (TI) program is personalized based on the needs and preferences of each client. This program allows them to engage in recreational and therapeutic activities with their peers and enables them to have the chance to improve their life skills. This program is provided in a nurturing, accepting, enriching, and safe environment where their needs are prioritized and their potential to grow as an individual is fostered.

Activities are provided by trained and well-experienced on-site technicians and supervisors. The activities may include:

  • Arts and crafts 
  • Drama
  • Plays
  • Music
  • Dance & Movement
  • Socialization Groups to Promote Self-Awareness
  • Behavior Management Services
  • Language-Receptive & Expressive Language Skills
  • Community Activities and Integration
  • Birthday Party Celebration
  • Presentation by Participant

Our Commitment

It is our mission to provide children with autism services that promote their well-being and at the same time the freedom to be more independent and have the chance to unravel their potentials. It is also our goal to work with children and their families in promoting their psychosocial health.

It is also important for us that our clients and their families are comfortable with working with the people that are offering their children with assistance. To ensure this, they themselves will be given the chance to choose their technicians. We also make sure that if clients or their families have questions, we also have staff available to answer them.

We understand the importance of keeping ourselves updated on the latest information and advancements in behavioral health as well as regulations that govern our practice. For this reason, we continue to attend training, conventions, and seminars to improve ourselves.

Our Approach to Quality Care

Before we provide our clients with our services, we first let them undergo an assessment. This process allows us to understand the nature of their condition and their needs. It involves batteries of tests for the client and interviews both for the client and their parents. The assessment will also help us to create care plans that highlight treatment goals and the level of support the clients need. We will also require the necessary documents from the families we serve before we match a care professional for them. 

Rest assured, the professionals that we will assign to our clients have undergone the right training and orientation. Our professionals are great at working with children and can make sure that the services highlighted in their treatment plans are implemented. 

Lastly, we initiate regular monitoring and progress report evaluations to keep track of the child’s health outcomes. The report will entail the six-month progress along with monthly feedback from parents.

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