Shaping Quality Lives for Individuals with Autism

Our Mission

Our mission at Jeducare is focused on helping children and adults with developmental disabilities to learn and hone their skills to their potential, thereby promoting their independence by providing quality support and community-based service programs.

Our Vision

We envision that many more individuals with ASD are able to participate in community activities, giving them a sense of purpose and helping them live to the fullest.

adult woman and little girl smiling

Jeducare is an organization of compassionate and specially trained professionals who are dedicated to serving individuals with developmental disabilities like autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
We believe in the capabilities of individuals with ASD and that they can reach their full potential. This is why our organization was established to nurture their skills to help them achieve independence and have the chance to participate in community activities. 

At Jeducare, we never cease to help individuals with ASD to find their purpose in life and achieve their full potential by providing quality care and community-based service programs.