Shaping Quality Lives for Individuals with Autism

We Nurture and Care
two children in wheelchair smiling

We are committed to providing high-quality home and community-based services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder. We empower our individuals to discover their full potential through community integration and treatment planning.

The families we serve are free to choose which services they want and decide how often they wish to use them. More importantly, we make sure that families receive the appropriate match of technicians to effectively meet their specific needs.

Our Autism Program Services

Respite Care

We have respite care technicians who are professionally trained to provide the following:

  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • Engaging the individuals in activities that interest them
  • Handling possible crises that children with autism might experience
  • And more
Family Consultant Services (FC)

Our family consultants comprise a team of social workers, special school educators, therapists, counselors, and behavioral analysts, among others. And, they provide the following:

  • Making an effort to assist the family help the child identify and respond to dangerous situations and making safety decisions;
  • Providing individualized hands-on training and instructions to the child’s family about the interventions they may use with their child in the home and the community;
  • Training families and their child to help them acquire, retain, or improve skills that can affect the child’s development and ability to reside independently;
  • Providing referrals to appropriate community resources, advocacy, and guidance on a variety of other issues which may affect the family’s ability to meet their child’s needs;
  • And more.
Individual Intensive Supportive Services (IISS)

Our ISS technicians provide the following:

  • Engaging individuals in community-integration activities
  • Providing the individual with behavior management skills and foster stabilization
  • Improving the individual’s ability to function in the home and perform daily life skills
  • Assisting individuals to improve positive self-expression and interpersonal communication, giving them a sense of security and safety
Therapeutic Integration Services (TI) 

Our Therapeutic Integration (TI) program offers participants a chance to explore recreation and increase their skills while also ensuring a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment to meet each child’s unique needs based on their personalized treatment plan. We do this by allowing our individuals to engage in therapeutic and recreational activities with other peers.

In this service program, we offer the following activities with the help of our trained technicians and experienced onsite professional supervisors:

  • Arts & Craft: Drama, Plays, etc.;
  • Music, Dance, & Movement;
  • Language-Receptive & Expressive Language Skills;
  • Socialization Groups to Promote Self-Awareness;
  • Community Activities and Integration;
  • Behavior Management Services;
  • Birthday Party Celebration;
  • Presentation by Participant;
  • And More.